Week 1 MKMMA

Wow!!  I am about to write my very first blog in my entire life!!  This alone is so out of my comfort zone and so breaking my old blueprint.  For those of you reading this, that are not a part of MKMMA, I will explain, briefly what has happened to me to get me to this point.

So…April 5th of 2014 I go to a book signing party, and there I meet an amazing individual, that has taught me more in 1 year and several months, than any church, school or person has ever been able to teach me….My first experience in learning about self.  This patient and kind person, took time to guide me, so I could learn about ME!!  A subject I ran from and NEVER wanted to face….I learned to meditate, I learned to hear my desires and dreams and wants…most of all I learned to love myself.  Which brings me to MKMMA!  In loving myself I seek to grow, expand my knowledge and be more in tune with myself.  So this very important guide, teacher, spiritual leader, knew MKMMA would be the place for me to be.  I hesitated at first, because this type of “school” was not what I was used to.  It is, in my opinion the best teaching tool ever!  So MKMMA is a place of discovery, of preparation to change lives, permanently.  It is NOT a self help method, it is a method of learning SELF!  Once I learn about my self, in more depth, I can change my old blueprint, changing old habits is another form of explaining what is behind this method of teaching.  The overwhelming feeling that came to me during the first Webinar is challenging to explain with words on a screen.  My past life, filled with so much negativity, abuse, loneliness, physical pain, mental anguish, emotional turmoil and self pity was changing, the moment I learned to meditate and love myself.  Now with MKMMA, the puzzle will be complete.  MKMMA, in conjunction with what I have learned so far, through meditation and may I not ever forget, 35 years of Christianity, is creating the most beautiful life, never imagined before.  So as I watch this webinar, I come to realize how important it is to break OLD habits.  To control my thoughts and my words.  To use only those words and actions that will build my dreams, not shatter them.

I am very thrilled, to say the least to have been given the opportunity to learn this material!!  Gratitude overflows 24/7….non stop gratitude for the mentor that lead me to MKMMA and very thankful for my scholarship, without it I could NOT be part of this learning experience.  This is just my first week and I am so excited, and eager to see in which beautiful and amazing ways my life will transform.  The dreams that will unfold before my eyes….I promise myself to follow through and work on changing the old blueprint.  I am also very eager to work with my new guide, provided by MKMMA!  My life has no choice than to get better and greater than ever….

So April 5, 2014, a blessing in disguise…it brought me to such an incredible discovery, MKMMA!!



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