Week Two

….I am still here!!!  That already says plenty, about myself!!  My old blueprint….I would not be here.  My tendency has been in the past, to count ALL the things I HAVE to do…and I get overwhelmed by the long list.  Now, on my second week of MKMMA, I have learned that I do not HAVE to do anything, I choose to do what I do.  When I do what I choose, and I do it with enthusiasm and joy, it no longer is a chore or a “job”!!!  Living at this pace is incredible.  My energy is focused on completing all of my assignments and not falling for all the traps.

This second week has been a lesson in determination and desire!!!  The pain in my body wants to keep me down.  It is a familiar place and great way to “hide” from everything and anything.  Giving into my pain would be my old blueprint.  So I decided with pain or no pain, I AM DOING THIS!!!  I will read as agreed, I will get out of bed and get ready for my day.  The inflammation all over my body is there…I feel it, it is real to me.  My body tells me to stop and rest, but that does not take the pain away, so why give in.  Learning this week, NOT to cram ever again.  I did this week, because of that pain.  I did the bare minimum Monday through Wednesday, which was read, read, read….BUT I did not work on anything else, in regards to MKMMA.  Aside from this commitment I made with myself, I have online classes for my real estate license renewal and other businesses I need to be responsible with…so how did/does MKMMA help me in all of this?  It keeps me FOCUSED!!! I am learning how to discipline the mind, to adhere to my commitment.

Now I have experienced the first week with excitement and eagerness.  The second week with a bit of despair in the beginning, but kept on reading and spending my quiet time, as instructed and more than anything did not give up on ME!!!  I am truly and genuinely happy to have this opportunity.  To make a definite change in myself, which in turn will benefit those that surround me.

Happy to be here…. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Week Two

  1. meditationmastermasterkey

    You are such a great Friend and Sea-Star that I am fortunate and so grateful to learn from you. I see you experience this on a daily basis and you give and give and give. Glad you have finally come to the realization to give the best and most to and of your Self to your Self.
    So freakin proud of how far you have come. It is a joy being able to experience and learn from your transformational process.
    Love you my Friend, business partner, and Sea-Star.


    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Oh, what kind words Michael… I am flattered and I truly value our friendship and I am so thankful for all you do for me and for everything your family does as well. Mom is just the best!!! Angie Dudding you did an excellent job at instilling respect and an honorable character in your son. I am truly blessed to be part of your family…thank you Michael 🙏🏻


    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you, same here. I still feel all thumbs using this form of communication. I am only accustomed to FB and email…and even then I goof…but I am learning and changing the blueprint 🙂



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