Here I am again!!!! I am amazed at the change in only 3 weeks!!!!!  I am pain free!!! I am so focused on MY dreams, desires and wants… What do you want???!!! That phrase from Mark keeps ringing in my ears throughout this past week…I honestly have choices? I am really in charge of my own path?  What a novelty!! How can this be, in 3 weeks I come into a realization like never before, and I love it.  Is it a bit scary, at times? Very much so.  I am changing a program very much imbedded in my subconscious since my very first memory.  So how amazing to me, the realization of true change.  The freedom of mind and spirit.  The magical place I go to, and it really doesn’t take a secret potion.  What it takes to accomplish is very simple.  So simple that I just smile as I come closer to the immense sense of well being.  All I needed to do was realize what I really want….simple.

What do I want?  What is my passion?  What makes me, me? And what makes me truly whole and determined to obtain my dreams? I have been making a list of my gifts, my abilities, my strengths and my weaknesses…recognizing who I am inside will take me to my true desire.  I have a choice?  I can actually choose this dream?  It can be mine and I can truly obtain it?  Wow, now that is power, true power.  I start with my health, I want it, I got it!! Done!! I want to help people….hmmmm ego? NO, it is true from my heart.  The life I have lived up to this day has supplied me with much compassion and strength to give and give freely, with true love and caring.  So what has been stopping me?  Only 3 weeks, and now I know I can do anything I set my mind to?  What has stopped me?  What do I need to get rid of to move forward and finally live the life I so desire?  So week 3, here at MKMMA, brought me to a realization, now I so look forward to week 4!!  It is a true blessing to be here, to be part of such an amazing group of people. Gratitude is huge this week!!! I am so thankful for all the pitfalls that have brought me searching for a better place…within.

Happy to be me…  🙂


10 thoughts on “WEEK III MKMMA

    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Yes….I still am savoring that knowledge..”I have a choice” my journey has been a very interesting one. With many twists and turns. For the first time I am aware of my path and the part I actually play in it. 🙂


  1. savvymasterkey

    Hey Alicea, I’m enjoying reading your journey as well. I’s good to know I’m with like inspired people. I’m looking forward to visiting with you along this journey 🙂

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