MKMMA…. I QUIT in week FOUR!!!

I am done!!!  I am NOT going to continue with all of this!!  NO MORE!! It is NOT WORTH all the pain and anguish, all the ups and downs!!!  So much piled onto my back, week after week…this is RIDICULOUS!! I GIVE UP!!!

Really, I do.  I am done with excuses…I am done with putting myself last. I am done with causing myself unnecessary pain, by following the same path!! I am taking a new road, new habits!!  I am going to give MYSELF, 110% NOW!  Today, I begin to create the change I have so desperately been seeking!! See, this new thing I took on of MKMMA, which I thought is something new, a course, just another way of learning…is really something old, something I have been hiding within myself, and now I will give ME the best, by doing the work within.  ALL along I have had what it takes to make a change…a change in myself, a change in my surrounding, a clean break from my old habits.  What did I have to face to realize this, once and for all, taking me on a road of total self improvement??? It took hitting rock bottom, in my soul, within…it did not take a disease, a “death”, another failed attempt at something.  It took digging inside and finding the answer to “what do I want?” The physical pain, what is that?  It is gone! So I had to dig deeper.  It was in my confusion that I blinded myself.  Not wanting to face what it is I really want!  My DMP (definite major purpose)….DMP, DMP, DMP!! It is repeated over and over and over on the webinars, and yet the questions come up of how, what do we do, how do we get it on an index card? I stopped for a moment, today, not yesterday, not a week ago, but today, October 23, 2015, when through a friend I found out how fragile life really is….and then it just hit me straight to the heart… I WANT TRUE HEALTH AND TO HELP OTHERS!!!! Simple as that!! Wow, not difficult at ALL.  No smoke screens, no violins, no fireworks….just plain, transparent, true feeling of knowing what I truly want!!!  I did it! I celebrate the knowing, which is the biggest step I have taken…    HaHaHa….wake up, it is just the beginning of all the amazing and beautiful things to come.  I follow my heart, where my true feeling is and I have and hold my true health and my desire to help others, right in the palm of my hand.  I realized that  is what has moved me through my entire life.  One small/huge, but important factor, I had to put MYSELF, first.  Once I felt that truth within I knew I had found my Definite Major Purpose!!  And it is the more freeing feeling that words cannot describe.

Ahhhh I am taking in a deep breath and savoring my peace within…. I am really enjoying this moment!! I can already feel my veins filled with healing oxygen and the best cleansing feeling of my heart and my soul!!  Now the best work of my life begins!!  I take all the steps in my dream building!  I make the changes within to reflect without!!  That is true health, which cannot be found in any hospital, in any medication, etc…it can only be found within…

Now to enjoy the abundance I hold in my hands….and work with my new habits on an old treasure….my definite major purpose, in life!

With joy overflowing…I quit!!!!…the old me…. 🙂


13 thoughts on “MKMMA…. I QUIT in week FOUR!!!

    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Hello Kris,
      Your comment is very interesting…I am very flattered by your words! My intention is to always speak from my heart, how I truly feel week after week, during this course. So for you to be able to “see” into my soul, means my transparency in writing works… 🙂



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