There is an old me, and a new me?  To keep up with this newfound knowledge is, to say the least, sensational!!  The awareness is refreshing.  Most of my days I am passionately in love with life, with self, with all that is…And with the amazing feeling of knowing I really have a definite choice.  How can something as simple as that provide such a feeling of freedom?  Freedom from what, those reading may ask? Well, first and foremost, freedom from the “chains” I created.  Freedom from the limits I set for myself.  Now as the weeks go by, I see, I feel, I experience all the greatness I am able to create…

I have found, in me, so much more than ever expected could exist.  One of the main reasons why I feel as though it is Christmas every day!!! I am developing the new habit of being in control of my actions.  I choose what I allow into my world and how it will affect me.  I am learning how to turn the negative, into a positive.  Life is so much easier.  I feel lighter, my mind less jammed with unnecessary weight from opinions, meaningless experiences and so on…

Oh the comfort, the peace, the joy,and the appreciation I get from my alone time. I use my time wisely, for me, which fills me with energy, and using that energy to give freely to others.  I have always been a giver. The old me gave, without hesitation, to a fault!  I am more balanced.  I still see and enjoy the service of giving to others, but when I first set aside my time for me, for my habit changing exercises, I am giving and filled with an energy, all at the same time and  that fills my heart with gratitude and many sighing moments.

MKMMA is incredibly powerful and so subtle, because as the assignments are completed the power takes a turn and reflects from within.  Having the KEY is a great gift.  Once I realized the key was in wanting to change, in wanting to fulfill my desires, I could finally feel that true freedom.

The new me is very thankful, for the old me, making a change…. I love who I found inside….

Free to be me….  🙂


8 thoughts on “WEEK FIVE……..

  1. meditationmastermasterkey

    Alice, you are the most giving person I Gno. I am glad to see you giving back to your Self more and more. I am so grateful to call you my Friend, my Assistant, my Student, and most of all my DMP partner. This is an incredible journey of uncharted places Within

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