Hello everyone….

By now I am in total shock!!!  Breaking a blueprint, not easy!  So we have blogs, twitters, interviews, index cards, movie posters, shapes, shapes and more shapes….tangible requirements, and on and on and on…..Mark and Davene (and all the staff) are doing an excellent job of guiding….sharing and caring.  What do I do?? Because after all it is MY WORK that makes THIS, happen.  What is THIS, I am doing?  I am breaking my old blueprint. I am changing the way I do things so I can have the success I want in my life….so I can get my Definite Major Purpose to materialize. So I do my very best, and I make mistakes, but I do not give up!!

Anything different this week?  Anything that made my jaw drop?  There has got to be something, because since day one I was in awe of all the info and transformations,  moments at a time….ONE BIG thing is starting the new Scroll, Scroll Number Two!!  I almost felt as if I was going to fly!! What?!?!?!  LOVE???  Really??? FINALLY!!!!  Since I can remember that has been my number one question and concern and desire all rolled up in one!  Why??  Why is it so difficult for everyone to just love one another?? As a child I would always feel in my heart, not knowing where it came from, “why can’t people just be loving and show that love in every day little things?” I would tell my friends or family that love can heal anything, move anyone to do something great, but I was told I was a bit of a fantasizer… to open my eyes to the real world, etc, etc, etc,

Many years went by and I would show glimpses of my love and my caring heart for those that suffer for those that are angry.  I welcomed the challenge to love the unlovable, because I truly believe anything is possible when you have love…when you give love, when you let love move you.  Let me clarify that I wasn’t talking of the “mushy” love that is displayed just by hugging everyone and saying “I love you” at every encounter….NO, as it says in scroll two, without saying it, silent…because in my truth, love can be given more by an action, be it evident to the world or in private.  There are times when love can produce a desire to help someone, and do it in silence.  Love tolerates the behavior, the actions of those that are oblivious to what true, genuine love can signify.  Oh, yes was I excited and so thankful as I started reading Scroll Two!!  Reading it that first time brought me to tears, literally and I danced and I was joyful of the amazing knowledge and love I am experiencing….especially by loving myself!!

With much love, til next time…..  Alice


9 thoughts on “WEEK SIX…..MKMMA….

    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you….it feels as if I am watching the movie of my life. Difference now I choose what I want to see in it and I can observe it and the knowing that with love I can do anything!!! And this is just the beginning…my only setback at the moment is figuring out how to keep up with all the social media…other than that I am having so much fun… 🙂


  1. Chris

    I love scroll 2 as well. I have always been full of emotion and now understanding how to express it in so many different ways. And thank you for the reminder that there is always something to be grateful for!

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    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you so much Chris, for your feedback….this process of breaking the old blueprint can get a bit lonely…the people around me, that thought knew me are puzzled and within I am doing so much more cleansing…but its not an easy or clean procedure….it is very refreshing and rewarding to get much appreciated feedback… 🙂

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