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Week 13 MKMMA…ME

Hi again everyone….today it is all about me. What do I hear with each webinar? It IS, always has been, about ME!! Not something I am used to, the old blueprint, putting everyone and everything first….but now with all the activities, some not as easy as others, but yet many activities, all geared to one thing, ME! I consist of many things, a subby(subconscious), a body, a spirit, a soul, a heart, a brain… a future ME, but yet all ME!! ME, the creator, ME the stubborn, ME the compassionate, ME the loving, ME the empathetic, ME the giving…without forgetting ME, the ego…

OK, so it is all ME!! The ME that chooses to be disciplined the ME, that chooses to use the tools carried within. ME, to choose to cry, laugh, smile, love, give, experience or ME to choose to sit, to feel, to listen, to contribute, to follow through, to read, to hold, to let go…

Choices many choices and it is all up to ME!!!

So how happy ME gets because of choosing to do what I do!
I choose love, life, experience, kindness, giving, compassion and NO excuses, NO shame, NO regrets!! Me, truly, ME, loving life and loving this path!!

Truly breaking blueprints and turning a new leaf…. 😉

Week 12 Mkmma…Joy to the World…

Ultimately as we search for all there is to be had… Peace, love, acceptance… The one most desired is joy, happiness.  We seek it, wanting to find it, but we have had it all along. We read about joy, at this time of year… Joy To The world….Peace on Earth…. So many well wishes, and it’s that time of the year people get more depressed, commit suicide…not having a knowing of a way out from the personal self inflicted sadness….

Not knowing… That’s the main reason, not knowing we all can create our DMP(Definite Major Purpose). In creating this DMP, we practice many convincing acts  cards, posters, shapes…all through Mkmma teachings.  It is the best decision I have made for myself , opening my eyes, reprogramming my brain and reconditioning my heart!  I have my DMP written and studied and I have come in this 12th week to a practice more profound, that came naturally through digging deep and wanting to put into practice what I’ve been learning so far…  I mean really into practice  when I sit, when I read, when I see the mirror that is all for me, within… But when I’m “back in reality” is when the test really begins and the thankfulness the gratitude the sheer joy of knowing I AM DOING THIS!! I am living what I “preach” what I believe, what I read, what I envision  I am putting my power to work….  Easy?? Hell NO!!! and that’s where the joy comes in…when I can still smile when faced with challenges, adversity, pain, all those things that would keep me down and rob my joy… When I can be compassionate and loving, caring and practice what I have in my heart to give.  Especially when I give to those that are not very understanding or willing to enjoy my presence…and this is only my 12th week, it just gets better…all in my choice of putting into practice what I learned NOW!!! Do it now!!! Do it now!!!! The Joy is within…it is here, in my knowing what I know and living what I desire…and get Joy from giving!!

May the Joy prevail…

Simply Magical… ❤️❤️


Week 11 MKMMA….facing the mirror…

From my very first blog, for this course, I was amazed I was actually doing this……Weeks have gone by and each week is a new experience, a turning point, a discovery…..So I continue, because I said I would….so I continue, because I am curious….so I continue, because I choose to. I continue so I can face the gal in the mirror.  I learn and learn and grow and dig deep and I question and it all gets me closer to my DMP…but more than anything it is facing the mirror that takes me to the most genuine place I have ever been, within.  It is so cliché, we hear and read it everywhere, face yourself.  See yourself for what and who you really are, or think your are, or pretend to be….but to truly face the mirror and like what you see, is just the beginning.  For me it goes further than that.  It goes in deeper, not even to question if I like what I see, but most important do I understand “it”, her, me?  Do I validate myself?  Do I love myself?  Do I see the true me, the one that has made all the decisions thus far and the same that never forgives, or that holds on to regrets and sadness….Does that gal looking back have the courage to break blueprints?  Does she stand a chance at “making it right”? Does she use her power within to keep going or does she hide, once again, for the umpteenth time, in that make believe place, that comforts her, but takes her nowhere….?  Wow, I read and read and read and now for the first time I practice, I practice, I practice…. I put into action all I say to myself, I show my love, my light, I take it to life, all the words  from all the quotes I read, from the 3rd scroll.  I am determined.  I am persistent.  and I continue to press on…to move forward and to smile when I face the mirror…..

mirror 2

Simply me…..

Week 10 MKMMA…to be continued….

Not done, not there yet, but close….to be continued….continue to search, continue to read, continue to sit, continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to be aware, continue to hold on, continue to dream, continue to repeat….and most of all continue to be aware, continue to feel, continue to experience, continue to strive, continue to give, continue to love without expecting anything in return…continue to move forward….continue to believe, continue to trust, continue to commit, continue to shine, continue to fulfill, continue to care, continue to wonder, continue to enjoy, continue to be, me….

Continue to move with the choices I make, every moment of every day.  My days are to continue with my choices, my beliefs, my desires, my sincere heart, continue reflecting and loving the gal in the mirror.  Keep being persistent….keep being the light, amongst the darkness….My choices will either keep me frozen in time, or take me where I desire to go….I desire to ……

…to be continued