Week 10 MKMMA…to be continued….

Not done, not there yet, but close….to be continued….continue to search, continue to read, continue to sit, continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to be aware, continue to hold on, continue to dream, continue to repeat….and most of all continue to be aware, continue to feel, continue to experience, continue to strive, continue to give, continue to love without expecting anything in return…continue to move forward….continue to believe, continue to trust, continue to commit, continue to shine, continue to fulfill, continue to care, continue to wonder, continue to enjoy, continue to be, me….

Continue to move with the choices I make, every moment of every day.Β  My days are to continue with my choices, my beliefs, my desires, my sincere heart, continue reflecting and loving the gal in the mirror.Β  Keep being persistent….keep being the light, amongst the darkness….My choices will either keep me frozen in time, or take me where I desire to go….I desire toΒ ……

…to be continued

9 thoughts on “Week 10 MKMMA…to be continued….

  1. meditationmastermasterkey

    You have moved heaven and earth within you and it is being reflected all around you by the people, places, and events in your life. We are breaking old blueprints and I am honored and privileged to have such a great master mind along with me on this beautiful dream manifesting our hearts dreams and desires.
    Keep on continuing on keeping on…

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  2. masterkeyrexp

    I like how you put this – nice job. Remember – none of us are done Alice, we are not looking for the destination, but are enjoying the journey! The destination will be the starting point for our next journey!


    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Exactly…….Love how you put it and thank you for your comment….I have been going through trying times, more than the usual…all learning experiences, so I have much to catch up with all the social media….again thank you πŸ™‚


    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you Patricia…..I have been going through so many personal trials, and I can see why, I am aware of what is happening….and I have a choice…so I continue to discover and experience…. πŸ™‚



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