Week 11 MKMMA….facing the mirror…

From my very first blog, for this course, I was amazed I was actually doing this……Weeks have gone by and each week is a new experience, a turning point, a discovery…..So I continue, because I said I would….so I continue, because I am curious….so I continue, because I choose to. I continue so I can face the gal in the mirror.  I learn and learn and grow and dig deep and I question and it all gets me closer to my DMP…but more than anything it is facing the mirror that takes me to the most genuine place I have ever been, within.  It is so cliché, we hear and read it everywhere, face yourself.  See yourself for what and who you really are, or think your are, or pretend to be….but to truly face the mirror and like what you see, is just the beginning.  For me it goes further than that.  It goes in deeper, not even to question if I like what I see, but most important do I understand “it”, her, me?  Do I validate myself?  Do I love myself?  Do I see the true me, the one that has made all the decisions thus far and the same that never forgives, or that holds on to regrets and sadness….Does that gal looking back have the courage to break blueprints?  Does she stand a chance at “making it right”? Does she use her power within to keep going or does she hide, once again, for the umpteenth time, in that make believe place, that comforts her, but takes her nowhere….?  Wow, I read and read and read and now for the first time I practice, I practice, I practice…. I put into action all I say to myself, I show my love, my light, I take it to life, all the words  from all the quotes I read, from the 3rd scroll.  I am determined.  I am persistent.  and I continue to press on…to move forward and to smile when I face the mirror…..

mirror 2

Simply me…..

10 thoughts on “Week 11 MKMMA….facing the mirror…

  1. meditationmastermasterkey

    Beautiful inside and out my friend. That is what you are starting to see and I am so pleased to be on this incredible journey of remembrance of self discovery of who and what we really are and have always been. We just allowed others to define us and now we are defining our self.
    Great job!!!

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    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you for your friendship, your guidance, your unselfish heart, and patience with all my questions and input…. And for adding so much fun to my path…the laughter…with Mom especially….and with Susie and her growth. The kids, all 4! An amazing team!!! The power of 3 is thriving!! 🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊



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