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Week 17….MKMMA….. Opportunity or Tragedy



Simply amazing!!!  A week of thrills and mountains, of pain and birth….a week of opportunity or tragedy… which one is it?  I make my choices, I create the world around me.  I live in the moment….I am powerful. The moments I am confronted by a mountain of anger, pain, lies, and so on, I choose to create an opportunity, instead of a tragedy.  What is the difference?  To go back to an old blueprint, is a tragedy, it is covering the treasure, back into the hole it has been for years.  Going back to “the old self” has no purpose, growth or pure energy…everything stops  flowing, stops glowing….all of a sudden one movement, as small as it may seem, can take me back to where my power stays hidden, unused, private, fearful.  One small movement, of stepping back when a door shuts in your face… When a wall builds itself up with anger, one step can make everything I have worked for just stop!!! Stop dead in its track and then what?  The tragedy of almost making it around that corner, and stop, its too scary, too much of a responsibility, too much of a commitment to self and others.  Oh but how I enjoy my awareness.  I embrace and love with all my might my ability to soar, above all anger, above all the walls that try to stop me.  To be fearless of the unknown, to be aware of the ability to raise above it all and come out the other end with the joy of taking that opportunity of learning.  Whatever comes my way, I use it for good, for me, for growth, for opportunity.  I am able to see the opportunity in the pain, I have learned through the many moments of facing mountains, that I can do anything I set my heart to…and that is the best opportunity life can gift us.  The simple awareness of life and the beauty of breaking the old blueprint, as if giving birth to a new me, celebrating the growth and the joy within… of knowing I can take what comes and smile…simply smile and love my journey and all that share it with me….I am so surrounded by pure magic, that is what I create, a magic like no other…and with the me that I am, those that get close, have been given the same gift, through my love and my light….and oh how my rarity can knock down all walls…My opportunity I create with a smile….and I thank the tragedies for creating my strength…like magic!

Keep smiling….the magic will come 🙂

PS……..    opp 2

alice pic 3

Again, I sit and come into a deeper awareness of self.  What can be new?  The awareness of something I have always had/have, something that the old me would be criticized for on many occasions.  Something I never embraced and did not view it as a gift?  How can it be, that week after week, day after day, I see it, but never really valued it….IT, IT!  Rare, me being rare.  The value of my rarity.  To comprehend, practice and embrace my rarity is so, oh so, refreshing and new!!  I am not speaking of just the rarity in my mannerism, my physical self or my emotional self, but yet the whole package.  The rarity within the rarity.   We all seek the validation at some point, we all want, want, want….security, health, wealth and on and on.  We are all the same when it comes to those matters…. So what is my rarity?   What sets me apart from the rest of humanity in this place, on this planet?  What is so rare, that I have discovered and now embrace, and use and come to know? How I tell a story, how I speak in public, how I laugh when I am free, how my way of expressing myself captivates my audience.?  My hair, which flows freely and is so thick, that is captures the curiosity of a 4 year old?  Is it my whole essence, how I create a sense of joy as I get ready to share anything and everything?  Oh, if only we had a mini retreat, so all who take the time to read this, could really see the rare me…the real me.  Not talking about the story behind me or my flaws, but the me now…the rare me that came out of all I have experienced, the good, bad and the ugly and managed to still keep my rarity.  The rare me that can see the past as the best teacher, see the future as a fun playground, with much to explore, and see the now as the best my time to practice it all.  The rare me that can love in such a way that words cannot begin to describe.  That rarity in me that is able to produce such energy, just with my sincere words, my loving gestures, my kind heart and my ability to transmit to others joy and laughter and love for self.  How do I do that?  That will be for another time….but now I am just in a happy place, realizing that the power I possess within, that kept being put down and stepped on, is actually the best part of me…the rarity in me is what makes me so me…. amazing….the way I approach those I cross paths with, so subtle yet so profound….why is all this rare?  If everyone has kindness and many loving attributes, why am I so rare?  In part as I discover in the 4th scroll of The Greatest Salesman in the World, there is none that can duplicate the way I do what I do….no one can duplicate the feeling I produce in someone, as they get to know me….no one can speak as I do, with the conviction of love in my heart and the way my smile creates a comfortable place for those around me….my giving, my caring and compassionate heart overflows with an abundance of depth.  My ability to do all that I do, give all that I give, feel all that I feel and empower others with it, is my rarity.  According to the system of the old blueprint, I would have had a hard heart, and light barely lit, but that is my rarity….I am unique, I am me in a very special and rare way…..almost can be called magical….


loving and learning and caring and giving….simply magic 🙂

Week 15…MKMMA…energy

Why? Why? Why? I was asked repeatedly by a tough teacher once…a teacher that wanted me to “dig deeper” within. To find the “answer to my many questions. Answers I could only find within. What have I discovered as I follow my heart, my knowing, my gut?  I find a power within like never before experienced. I find my voice. I find my energy!! The energy that we all have within that takes us with great determination to find self love. To believe for the first time that valuable is what we are. I see the miracle that I am. I can feel the security within of how great I’ve been created. And with this energy I shine of bliss. I am learning…learning how to use this energy for self. To serve and to let some of it go, give some away, in my loving manner. In my perfect essence.  As I study every word I read in the scroll, as I move forward in my life I come to realize how much greatness and abundance we can produce,,,through love, persistence and purpose…all because we tap in our, energy.  Pure, energy. Nothing false. Nothing masked. Just clean pure energy that fill every pore and when shared can provoke to become that which we have been created to be….simply magic 💙

Week 14 MKMMA….My Love…

My Love….as each week passes I come closer and closer to a transparent self, almost unreal, it is so real….I come in tune with MY LOVE, as we come to the end of scroll 3,where I press on and my perseverance exists only due to MY LOVE ….as I come to the end of this calendar year…to the end of one cycle and the beginning of newness. The beginning of another year, another number, this time the number is 50. Since the number 8 I have been asking the same questions and always searching to fit in, to be accepted….always wondering and questioning, why am I here? What is the purpose of all of this…and here I am near, oh so close to the number 50 and I am content. Truly content with my findings…silly ME, I spent years searching, reading, studying, living, sleeping, really sleeping, and all along the answer was not out there, it was/is within….so happy I have found that, because most never do, no matter what the number says on their calendar.

So ending this calendar year I have come in contact with MY LOVE…what is that exactly, you may ask? MY LOVE is everything. Everything I am, everything I see, everything I touch, I care for, everything I experience, everything I AM….That is MY LOVE…it is in me, around me, it flows through me, it shines through me…it is in every word I speak in every movement I make. MY LOVE is what moves me… MY LOVE has been victorious against all abuse, against all pain, against all thought, against all self inflicted suffering. MY LOVE has seen it all, felt it all, done it all. It has withstood the toughest time and it brought me to a light no one can put out. Time cannot take it away, the elements cannot take it away. NO ONE, NO WHERE can take what is so mine. The beauty of it all is I can give it away, and it never depletes… It is always overflowing and genuine. The more I give it away, the more I shine, the more I live, the more I laugh, the more I embrace life…the more I LOVE ME!!!

With MY LOVE, MY JOY, MY MAGIC….I continue on this path 🙂