Week 14 MKMMA….My Love…

My Love….as each week passes I come closer and closer to a transparent self, almost unreal, it is so real….I come in tune with MY LOVE, as we come to the end of scroll 3,where I press on and my perseverance exists only due to MY LOVE ….as I come to the end of this calendar year…to the end of one cycle and the beginning of newness. The beginning of another year, another number, this time the number is 50. Since the number 8 I have been asking the same questions and always searching to fit in, to be accepted….always wondering and questioning, why am I here? What is the purpose of all of this…and here I am near, oh so close to the number 50 and I am content. Truly content with my findings…silly ME, I spent years searching, reading, studying, living, sleeping, really sleeping, and all along the answer was not out there, it was/is within….so happy I have found that, because most never do, no matter what the number says on their calendar.

So ending this calendar year I have come in contact with MY LOVE…what is that exactly, you may ask? MY LOVE is everything. Everything I am, everything I see, everything I touch, I care for, everything I experience, everything I AM….That is MY LOVE…it is in me, around me, it flows through me, it shines through me…it is in every word I speak in every movement I make. MY LOVE is what moves me… MY LOVE has been victorious against all abuse, against all pain, against all thought, against all self inflicted suffering. MY LOVE has seen it all, felt it all, done it all. It has withstood the toughest time and it brought me to a light no one can put out. Time cannot take it away, the elements cannot take it away. NO ONE, NO WHERE can take what is so mine. The beauty of it all is I can give it away, and it never depletes… It is always overflowing and genuine. The more I give it away, the more I shine, the more I live, the more I laugh, the more I embrace life…the more I LOVE ME!!!

With MY LOVE, MY JOY, MY MAGIC….I continue on this path 🙂

18 thoughts on “Week 14 MKMMA….My Love…

    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Thank you Don…. I have been at a slow pace in getting back to all my comments. Most of the time it depends if I get access to my account…but my gratitude is overflowing for all comments, including yours…. 🙂


  1. masterkeyrexp

    I am proud of you for loving the age you are. I was 50 once, and I LOVE every birthday I have (the alternative sucks). It is uplifting to see you grow and blossom. You are beautiful Alice!



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