Week 15…MKMMA…energy

Why? Why? Why? I was asked repeatedly by a tough teacher once…a teacher that wanted me to “dig deeper” within. To find the “answer to my many questions. Answers I could only find within. What have I discovered as I follow my heart, my knowing, my gut?  I find a power within like never before experienced. I find my voice. I find my energy!! The energy that we all have within that takes us with great determination to find self love. To believe for the first time that valuable is what we are. I see the miracle that I am. I can feel the security within of how great I’ve been created. And with this energy I shine of bliss. I am learning…learning how to use this energy for self. To serve and to let some of it go, give some away, in my loving manner. In my perfect essence.  As I study every word I read in the scroll, as I move forward in my life I come to realize how much greatness and abundance we can produce,,,through love, persistence and purpose…all because we tap in our, energy.  Pure, energy. Nothing false. Nothing masked. Just clean pure energy that fill every pore and when shared can provoke to become that which we have been created to be….simply magic 💙

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