Week 17….MKMMA….. Opportunity or Tragedy



Simply amazing!!!  A week of thrills and mountains, of pain and birth….a week of opportunity or tragedy… which one is it?  I make my choices, I create the world around me.  I live in the moment….I am powerful. The moments I am confronted by a mountain of anger, pain, lies, and so on, I choose to create an opportunity, instead of a tragedy.  What is the difference?  To go back to an old blueprint, is a tragedy, it is covering the treasure, back into the hole it has been for years.  Going back to “the old self” has no purpose, growth or pure energy…everything stops  flowing, stops glowing….all of a sudden one movement, as small as it may seem, can take me back to where my power stays hidden, unused, private, fearful.  One small movement, of stepping back when a door shuts in your face… When a wall builds itself up with anger, one step can make everything I have worked for just stop!!! Stop dead in its track and then what?  The tragedy of almost making it around that corner, and stop, its too scary, too much of a responsibility, too much of a commitment to self and others.  Oh but how I enjoy my awareness.  I embrace and love with all my might my ability to soar, above all anger, above all the walls that try to stop me.  To be fearless of the unknown, to be aware of the ability to raise above it all and come out the other end with the joy of taking that opportunity of learning.  Whatever comes my way, I use it for good, for me, for growth, for opportunity.  I am able to see the opportunity in the pain, I have learned through the many moments of facing mountains, that I can do anything I set my heart to…and that is the best opportunity life can gift us.  The simple awareness of life and the beauty of breaking the old blueprint, as if giving birth to a new me, celebrating the growth and the joy within… of knowing I can take what comes and smile…simply smile and love my journey and all that share it with me….I am so surrounded by pure magic, that is what I create, a magic like no other…and with the me that I am, those that get close, have been given the same gift, through my love and my light….and oh how my rarity can knock down all walls…My opportunity I create with a smile….and I thank the tragedies for creating my strength…like magic!

Keep smiling….the magic will come 🙂

PS……..    opp 2

9 thoughts on “Week 17….MKMMA….. Opportunity or Tragedy

  1. masterkeyrexp

    Magic – how true Alice. This is a magical journey, but sometimes I wonder what we are missing. Sort of like when the magician makes the ball “disappear” by quickly tossing it over the shoulder of the observer. Imagine how wonderful this will be when we get to step back, and understand….

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    1. Master Key Alice1 Post author

      Wow!!! Hi!!! I could not find a way to get back on this site…someone just sent me a link to a blog and my info and messages show up!! Remember, I am not very computer savy so once I left MKMMA I did not get back on this. How are you doing? Let’s catch up 😊



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