About Alice…


Welcome to My Site.  I am at a very fresh start in my social media experience, so this is way out of my “box”!! I am experiencing and exploring areas in my life, never before even thought of….or did I in my subby? 🙂

Reaching this point in my life, is exhilarating!!  I am enjoying MKMMA and all the challenges to break the old blueprint!  Didn’t even know I had one….so…

…about Alice,

It’s all about me…finally I will be listened to (or read about, same thing for me), without any interruption.  I am of calendar age, 49, but my soul is much, much older, but my heart is as young as 5!  I love life so much and I am extremely happy with myself.  EVERY decision made up to this moment were my best teachers.

Dropping out of high school at the age of 16, was my first learning experience.  I dropped out to marry my first boyfriend.  Had my first baby 2 years later, 4 years later my second and 2 years after that my third, all girls!!! I wanted only boys so I get all girls, there is a lesson in that too.  So after 20 years of marriage I decide to have another baby…and I get my boy!!! Wow!! A new experience all together!  So I am now married for 33 years, just barely though, due to so many, many situations I created, with that old blueprint.  One thing for sure I am tough, resilient, and maybe a bit stubborn.  So that is my story about my early decision….

That just explains what I did and in what order and years of much work. From being a Mommy, to being a nurses aide, teacher assistant, office manager, Realtor… I worked in the “secular world” and also volunteered for many years in the “spiritual world” for the church I had been attending, for 15 years.  I was director of Sunday School, I was on the Board of Deacons, and Church Office Administrator…. again many years of giving and serving….

But….now about Alice,

I am a very loving person, I am very compassionate, I am caring, creative and patient and because of all my resilience I am of strong character.  Most important I really love myself!! The main reason I am here, with MKMMA! I am investing in myself, to be able to experience my true DMP!  Oh I am also lots and lots of fun, once you really get to know the real me…I am now getting to know her and it is fun.

I am very thankful for my new life, for my awareness, for all that I am….  me3

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