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Week 10 MKMMA…to be continued….

Not done, not there yet, but close….to be continued….continue to search, continue to read, continue to sit, continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to be aware, continue to hold on, continue to dream, continue to repeat….and most of all continue to be aware, continue to feel, continue to experience, continue to strive, continue to give, continue to love without expecting anything in return…continue to move forward….continue to believe, continue to trust, continue to commit, continue to shine, continue to fulfill, continue to care, continue to wonder, continue to enjoy, continue to be, me….

Continue to move with the choices I make, every moment of every day.  My days are to continue with my choices, my beliefs, my desires, my sincere heart, continue reflecting and loving the gal in the mirror.  Keep being persistent….keep being the light, amongst the darkness….My choices will either keep me frozen in time, or take me where I desire to go….I desire to ……

…to be continued


WEEK 9 MKMMA…True Love

Where am I? Where do I want to be? What do I want? So many questions, so many paths, so many decisions, so many walls…and one sure way to everything, is true love….True Love, what that means to me may not be what it means to you, or could it? What I want, what I want to be, where I want to be is where true love takes me.  How it moves within me to make my choices. To break old blueprints. Basically all these 9 weeks, so far, my focus is “what do I want?” And I learn techniques and I follow directions and use shapes and repeat phrases and sit and read and use feeling as I do all this. With belief of moving forward…but lately it all takes me back to love. This second scroll has left a mark on me as nothing else. This has been the validation of the one thing I have believed with all my heart, since a child. As a child I could not comprehend what it meant to create our own path. I did all I ever did through the instinct of my heart. At a very young age I knew pain and suffering. I was so convinced if only love came into my life this pain would go away…and the process has seemed eternal, but now it’s making progress. Love for self, has been getting stronger and more profound. But true love has also helped me be honest with the true me…as I face pain or disappointment, I am able to transform that pain into love. Or better said the pain of any sort of disappointment, comes from love. How? Took me longer than I would have liked, but the pain allowed me to see many of my flaws, and from there I was able to experience true love, by not letting that pain destroy beauty within and without, but by facing and embracing so I could see what was truly behind that pain…true love. True love can do anything. True love can take me further than any knowledge, than all the reading and activities.  True Love takes me to a definite place that could not be reached if I were not true to my choices. At first facing the pain, the ugly,  makes one want to run and hide and not deal with anything or anyone around us. But I faced it and the beauty of taking the ugliness I face, and turn it into a freeing, loving feeling is one of the first rewards…rewards to follow become abundance in all areas of my existence…especially the reward of solidifying a loving relationship with self and those that surround us….

loving the love I transmit….❤️

WEEK 8 Mkmma…awareness

So it’s awareness!! I am aware of many things, to a point of excitement that can take me in one single jump all the way to the moon!!! But, is that necessary? No, but a very interesting mental picture. So what is happening with my increased awareness? It’s guiding me, and taking me to the point of breaking the old blueprints….

I am aware of my senses at a much deeper level. I am aware of my mistakes, and move forward. I am aware of my fears and release them. I am aware of my emotions and I embrace them, as needed. I am aware of a very wholesome pure love within, which at this point in my life is so welcomed! I have learned through MKMMA to see myself through a more calm, relaxed, loving way, and even stay focused so I can still carry through my hurried days. Days filled with vibrant color, vibrant love. Surrounded by an array of choices and I choose peace, calmness, gratitude, love and all the success that comes with it…I see shapes, colors and everything is great!!!

Giving thanks for the magic within…




Peace, at ease, still, whole, totally CALM…. that is how I describe myself this week, this day, this very moment. I have found the calm place within…. Oh, no more shock, no more wondering, no more going back.  At this very moment, as I write, I am proud of myself.  I am calm with my discoveries of only 7 weeks!! I have passion, I have a caring heart, I have a very loving spirit, bubbly personality, with a bit of humor.  I am genuine, I am compassionate, I am patient, I am tolerant, I am giving….all these discoveries, but most of all I found the calm place.  What is that?

The calm place, is what I call that place within that no one or anything can touch, change, take or break….it is my knowing place….my place where I found my true calm spirit.  No fear lives there, no insecurities, no shame, no regrets….just calm.  In knowing who and what I am and represent.  I can see the gal in the glass and I know I love her…. I know I care about her, about how she reflects her love.  My calm place brings me to a very beautiful place, that stems from there.  It is where I find faith, where I hold on to the certainty of who I am and my true purpose.  The answer to ” What do I want?!”

I know who I am and I like, for the first time who I truly am.  I do not make excuses for my choices, I do not fear speaking my heart.  I trust that all my heart’s intent will and is now materializing.  My love runs deeper in this calm place….and actually love brought me to it, to this calm….love did it!!  See, I love myself so much and I love my life so much, that all I had to do was give love the wheel and it steered me in the best direction, for me, and ultimately those around me.  It wasn’t easy, yet it was the most simple, non complex thing to do, yet I wasn’t willing to see it that way.  As soon as I said to myself, let go of the fear of losing, and I will gain.  I can apply that to any part of my life, be it financial, emotional or physical….it really happens.  As I read scroll 2 in The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino, I realize that it is love that moves all.  So I am calm, calm in my choices, calm in my spirit, calm in my surroundings, calm within and oh so calm in my knowing….,my faith and my knowing that all my intent and desires are being met, on a daily basis and my path is filled with the purest of love and I get to be the me I love, the true, loving me….the sweet caring me, without compromise and I sit in this calm place and smile…. I am free

Simply Magical…..  🙂



Hello everyone….

By now I am in total shock!!!  Breaking a blueprint, not easy!  So we have blogs, twitters, interviews, index cards, movie posters, shapes, shapes and more shapes….tangible requirements, and on and on and on…..Mark and Davene (and all the staff) are doing an excellent job of guiding….sharing and caring.  What do I do?? Because after all it is MY WORK that makes THIS, happen.  What is THIS, I am doing?  I am breaking my old blueprint. I am changing the way I do things so I can have the success I want in my life….so I can get my Definite Major Purpose to materialize. So I do my very best, and I make mistakes, but I do not give up!!

Anything different this week?  Anything that made my jaw drop?  There has got to be something, because since day one I was in awe of all the info and transformations,  moments at a time….ONE BIG thing is starting the new Scroll, Scroll Number Two!!  I almost felt as if I was going to fly!! What?!?!?!  LOVE???  Really??? FINALLY!!!!  Since I can remember that has been my number one question and concern and desire all rolled up in one!  Why??  Why is it so difficult for everyone to just love one another?? As a child I would always feel in my heart, not knowing where it came from, “why can’t people just be loving and show that love in every day little things?” I would tell my friends or family that love can heal anything, move anyone to do something great, but I was told I was a bit of a fantasizer… to open my eyes to the real world, etc, etc, etc,

Many years went by and I would show glimpses of my love and my caring heart for those that suffer for those that are angry.  I welcomed the challenge to love the unlovable, because I truly believe anything is possible when you have love…when you give love, when you let love move you.  Let me clarify that I wasn’t talking of the “mushy” love that is displayed just by hugging everyone and saying “I love you” at every encounter….NO, as it says in scroll two, without saying it, silent…because in my truth, love can be given more by an action, be it evident to the world or in private.  There are times when love can produce a desire to help someone, and do it in silence.  Love tolerates the behavior, the actions of those that are oblivious to what true, genuine love can signify.  Oh, yes was I excited and so thankful as I started reading Scroll Two!!  Reading it that first time brought me to tears, literally and I danced and I was joyful of the amazing knowledge and love I am experiencing….especially by loving myself!!

With much love, til next time…..  Alice


There is an old me, and a new me?  To keep up with this newfound knowledge is, to say the least, sensational!!  The awareness is refreshing.  Most of my days I am passionately in love with life, with self, with all that is…And with the amazing feeling of knowing I really have a definite choice.  How can something as simple as that provide such a feeling of freedom?  Freedom from what, those reading may ask? Well, first and foremost, freedom from the “chains” I created.  Freedom from the limits I set for myself.  Now as the weeks go by, I see, I feel, I experience all the greatness I am able to create…

I have found, in me, so much more than ever expected could exist.  One of the main reasons why I feel as though it is Christmas every day!!! I am developing the new habit of being in control of my actions.  I choose what I allow into my world and how it will affect me.  I am learning how to turn the negative, into a positive.  Life is so much easier.  I feel lighter, my mind less jammed with unnecessary weight from opinions, meaningless experiences and so on…

Oh the comfort, the peace, the joy,and the appreciation I get from my alone time. I use my time wisely, for me, which fills me with energy, and using that energy to give freely to others.  I have always been a giver. The old me gave, without hesitation, to a fault!  I am more balanced.  I still see and enjoy the service of giving to others, but when I first set aside my time for me, for my habit changing exercises, I am giving and filled with an energy, all at the same time and  that fills my heart with gratitude and many sighing moments.

MKMMA is incredibly powerful and so subtle, because as the assignments are completed the power takes a turn and reflects from within.  Having the KEY is a great gift.  Once I realized the key was in wanting to change, in wanting to fulfill my desires, I could finally feel that true freedom.

The new me is very thankful, for the old me, making a change…. I love who I found inside….

Free to be me….  🙂

MKMMA…. I QUIT in week FOUR!!!

I am done!!!  I am NOT going to continue with all of this!!  NO MORE!! It is NOT WORTH all the pain and anguish, all the ups and downs!!!  So much piled onto my back, week after week…this is RIDICULOUS!! I GIVE UP!!!

Really, I do.  I am done with excuses…I am done with putting myself last. I am done with causing myself unnecessary pain, by following the same path!! I am taking a new road, new habits!!  I am going to give MYSELF, 110% NOW!  Today, I begin to create the change I have so desperately been seeking!! See, this new thing I took on of MKMMA, which I thought is something new, a course, just another way of learning…is really something old, something I have been hiding within myself, and now I will give ME the best, by doing the work within.  ALL along I have had what it takes to make a change…a change in myself, a change in my surrounding, a clean break from my old habits.  What did I have to face to realize this, once and for all, taking me on a road of total self improvement??? It took hitting rock bottom, in my soul, within…it did not take a disease, a “death”, another failed attempt at something.  It took digging inside and finding the answer to “what do I want?” The physical pain, what is that?  It is gone! So I had to dig deeper.  It was in my confusion that I blinded myself.  Not wanting to face what it is I really want!  My DMP (definite major purpose)….DMP, DMP, DMP!! It is repeated over and over and over on the webinars, and yet the questions come up of how, what do we do, how do we get it on an index card? I stopped for a moment, today, not yesterday, not a week ago, but today, October 23, 2015, when through a friend I found out how fragile life really is….and then it just hit me straight to the heart… I WANT TRUE HEALTH AND TO HELP OTHERS!!!! Simple as that!! Wow, not difficult at ALL.  No smoke screens, no violins, no fireworks….just plain, transparent, true feeling of knowing what I truly want!!!  I did it! I celebrate the knowing, which is the biggest step I have taken…    HaHaHa….wake up, it is just the beginning of all the amazing and beautiful things to come.  I follow my heart, where my true feeling is and I have and hold my true health and my desire to help others, right in the palm of my hand.  I realized that  is what has moved me through my entire life.  One small/huge, but important factor, I had to put MYSELF, first.  Once I felt that truth within I knew I had found my Definite Major Purpose!!  And it is the more freeing feeling that words cannot describe.

Ahhhh I am taking in a deep breath and savoring my peace within…. I am really enjoying this moment!! I can already feel my veins filled with healing oxygen and the best cleansing feeling of my heart and my soul!!  Now the best work of my life begins!!  I take all the steps in my dream building!  I make the changes within to reflect without!!  That is true health, which cannot be found in any hospital, in any medication, etc…it can only be found within…

Now to enjoy the abundance I hold in my hands….and work with my new habits on an old treasure….my definite major purpose, in life!

With joy overflowing…I quit!!!!…the old me…. 🙂