don't quit

DATE: 07.15.17

LOCATION: THE BEAUTIFUL HAWAII @ Mark and Davene’s compound

INTERVIEWED BY: Mark and Davene J  MKMMA 2

The interview begins with a tour of their beautiful, love filled home.  I get to see their offices and Mark’s favorite spot for recording all his videos.  I listen oh so carefully to them both, telling me with that undeniable enthusiasm, about their accomplishments.  They are very welcoming and thrilled to have me in their home, to personally interview Me!!  Little do they know, at the time, that I was literally shaking at the realization of where I was standing, and why!!!

My trip to Hawaii is made especially to meet them both, and invite them to lunch!!  Not just any lunch, but a celebration lunch of my published books.  They will be interviewing me, before the lunch of my book signing at one of the shelters in Hawaii!!  This shelter was honored to invite me, due to the fact that their local people, guided me to complete this dream I have had for years.  Mark and Davene will interview me so they can really get the true feeling and story behind my success, which is their success as well.  They will be answering questions at the book signing and I could not have it any other way… They are my special guests!!

So the interview goes like this:

We are now sitting out in the open lanai (which I may add Mark did an excellent job of sweeping!) The breathtaking view is very distracting and the breeze is refreshing.  Mark starts with the first question.

Mark : ” Alice, the first obvious question I really would like to know is what brought you to our session of MKMMA?”

Alice : ” Desperation!!! I was so tired of the same old game, of start something and not finishing, I was looking for something that somehow I knew I had but could not express it without sounding crazy.  A year and a half before I enrolled in MKMMA, I met a now very dear friend and he guided me through the most beautiful experience, one that helped me with much of my inner pain, and that was, through meditation.  He insisted I enroll.  I trusted his desire, and so in that desperation to change, from the deepest of my inner being, I accepted! It has been the best decision of my life!”

Davene: ” We read your DMP and it didn’t show much feeling at first, and we were a bit concerned you were not grasping the “feeling” part of the course, but now that I meet you and I have read your children’s books, I can honestly say I do see that “feeling” now. How were you able to get to that place?”

Alice :  Through much dedication to MY inner self.  Meditation was the key for me!!  I knew that if I could sit quietly for 5 min, then 15, and so on I could do ANYTHING.  My mind was my worst enemy and it held me prisoner for too long!! Since I had been meditating for about a year and a half, before the course, it just became more focused.  The “feeling” was there, but building my confidence was a bit in the way”

Mark : “Well Alice, about your children’s books, they are very heart warming and I am sure children will love them.  You wrote them specifically for children that found themselves in shelters, some accompanied by their Moms, others not.  What moved you to direct yourself to that audience?”

Alice : ” Compassion, empathy and my experience as a child.  The loneliness, the fear during times of great trauma.  I had no one to talk to, no one to understand.  I wanted to create a book that would reassure children that they are not alone and the transition in their life is nothing to fear.  I use, in my first book the image of a grandmother I call “Abuela”, grandmother is Spanish.  I do this because many of these children either hope for that grandmother figure, or will be going home to a grandmother, while their situation becomes stable, or they just came from a grandmother’s home and it will give them a familiar feeling.”

Davene:  We could go on for hours with you, I am sure you have much to share about your story, but I do not want to leave, without mentioning that the books are just part of your DMP, you also opened a home for women, in your home town.  It started with a support group, from your DMP, but succeeded beyond measure into a home for women to find themselves and to experience, through several teachers and coaches, how to regain their self esteem and get back into the workforce, after either being on the street or in prison.  Can you briefly share how that was inspired?”

Alice :  “It is inspired by a very lovely lady.  The most beautiful I have ever met!!  Beautiful in all the sense of the word.  Her heart is a heart of gold!  Her smile, her eyes, her spirit limitless with love and a light from within that just blinds you as you meet her.  Her name is Susan….and she is my inspiration.  She is proof of how a strong will and self love can conquer all.  She is the main counselor at the home, which I named in her honor…. Casa Susana…. She speaks 2 times a week to a group of nearly 50 women.  Some from the home, others we open the doors to on the evening she speaks.  She shares her story and how she was able to pull herself out of the darkest pit, and give of her love and light to others.  She knows first hand the feeling of being in a dark place, emotionally and literally…they all just love her…lives have been changed due to her commitment to heal herself!  I love her like a sister…because somehow that is just what we are!”

Mark:  ” Last question, the most important, Alice, how does this make you feel?”

Alice: ” If I could put it into words, we would need days, to sit here and talk, and when writing it, paper would run out….really, the feeling I have of accomplishing my hearts desire, my DMP, my promise to myself and others, falls short of what I feel for all those that are in a much better place mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually… the feeling of joy in those children’s faces, when I accompany, them and  their mom’s, to pick up the key to their first apartment or home, because Mom now has a job and is able to provide security and shelter for them…the tears of joy in every single woman that leaves “Casa Susana” because they are now able to stand on their own two feet.  Oh and the feeling of overwhelming joy when I see Susan, successful, not just because of what she owns and does for a living…but because of the joy in her heart, that she is now truly living, and loving her life….so how do I feel, extremely thankful, to you and all your staff, for just being you, and following your dreams, so others could feel the joy and see the accomplishments you have made….I have gratitude in my heart, that is what I feel, for Susan, for all here children, Susanita, Jazmine, Jesse and Dymond and for our Mom Angie….and for my own children, that loved me when I wasn’t very lovable, for my husband, that was my most toughest teacher of all….and I feel LOVE for ME…for sticking to it and of course, the most gratitude, for my dear friend, teacher, Meditation Master, brother, etc…Michael…”

….that ended our formal interview, which later will be printed in their local paper and in the newsletter for the shelter in Hawaii.  Joy, pure joy is everywhere and both Mark and Davene have a sore jaw from all the smiling and laughing throughout my visit…

Life is great….I kick off my sandals and walk along the beach…alone, but not lonely, with a smile of satisfaction and gratitude…I take a deep breath and soak in the scent of the ocean, the texture of the sand and the love in my soul…. now for my next DMP…. Susie and Mom are so great at taking care of “Casa Susana” where else can I go now and share more love and light? ….  🙂